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Mert Günok, currently the second goalkeeper for the Turkish national team at the European Championship 2024, is an experienced player who continues to shape his international career. At 35, Günok brings a wealth of experience from both club and international levels. He currently plays for Beşiktaş in Turkey and is a key player in coach Vincenzo Montella’s squad for the tournament in Germany. Günok’s international career is notable, with important matches showcasing his abilities. He has made a name for himself through solid performances, including clean sheets against strong opponents. His physical attributes, including a height of 196 cm, give him a dominant presence in goal.

Günok: Goalkeeper Gloves

Altay Bayındır

Altay Bayındır is a rising football goalkeeper who currently plays for Manchester United and is part of the Turkish national team for the European Championship 2024. Since joining Manchester United in September 2023, he has established himself despite strong competition within the team and is known for his impressive height of 1.98 meters and technical skills. At the European Championship 2024, he will be one of the three goalkeepers for the Turkish national team, underscoring his important role in the team and his growing recognition on the international stage.